How I built a website for my business

Hola entrepreneur!

Welcome to my first post, my name is Jonatan Sánchez and I am the founder of Spanish and Business. If you would like to know more about me, you can read my story here:

In my posts, I will share my entrepreneurship journey and useful resources with you. Follow me to learn together what it takes to become a bad ass professional in the online business world.

My first project to start and one I am most proud about it´s my website to promote and launch my business: I had literally no idea how to do this but I followed an easy step by step process using the E-book “Stand Out” by Aaron Fletcher and his online course on Udemy: If you are looking for a clear and a good introduction to online marketing, I would recommend you to start here (you will get Aaron´s sense of humor as a bonus too haha).

My results: I saved a lot of money, and my WordPress website looks professional and it has all the social media elements that I need to connect with my audience. MUY IMPORTANTE, amigos: I made the mistake to create my website on instead of (the first one is good for blogs, but not for building a business). It was a pain to move the domain and the content from to, so pay attention to this tip! 😉


I chose a minimalist WordPress theme that focused on building an email list. I was so happy the day this baby was born:


  • 7’99 for the “Stand Out” Ebook.
  • 30 dollars for the online course on Udemy (they have special discounts all the time, the course was originally 335$).
  • Account in Bluehost and domain for the website (around 170$).
  • Purchase of WordPress theme (99$).
  • Total amount to build my website: 307´99 bucks.


I completed all this process during my free time. It took me around two months to finish both the book and the course. And I needed around 3 weeks to complete my website.

What about you? Have you built your own website for your business? What is your website´s story? Leave a comment below!

¡Hasta la vista, entrepreneur!